Jacy and Kacy, on YouTube, are pretty great IMHO. Together of December 2016, they have about 900,000 subs. They have done challenges, MTWI, and also other stuff.

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How well do YOU recognize Jacy and Kacy? You might not know them personally, but that is fine. Good luck! If you get 0%, still girlfriend did amazing! Let"s perform this!

Created by: Hannah

Are they twins? No, lock are just sisters. Yes, they space twins.Does Jacy have actually braces? Yes, she has braces. No, she does not have braces. She did have braces, but got castle off.Does Kacy have actually braces? Yes, she has braces. No, she go not have braces. She did have actually braces, yet got them off.What Youtube an obstacle did they no do? The Pizza challenge The Smoothie difficulty The Minute To victory It an obstacle The Mannequin ChallengeWho own Craft Life? Jacy own Craft Life Kacy owns Craft Life lock both own Craft LifeAs that December 2016, how numerous subs do they have? 900,000 700,000 500,000 100,000 50,000What will/did they perform at 1,00,000 subs? Room tourism Morning/Night routine 10,000 Calorie an obstacle 100 layers Of Duck ice On FaceWhat did Kacy NOT obtain on she pizza in the Pizza Challenge? Mustard Nerds Olives BananasWhat walk Jacy NOT acquire on she pizza in the Pizza Challenge? warm Sauce Hershey Kisses coco Sauce warm CheetosWho did a Minute To win It on your Birthday? Jacy did Kacy go Nobody go

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Quiz topic: exactly how well perform I understand Jacy and also Kacy?

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