The U.S. Military Junior make reservation Officers’ maintain Corps (JROTC) is just one of the biggest character advance and citizenship programs for youth in the world. The nationwide Defense action of 1916 created organized JROTC program at public and private educational institutions. In 1964, Congress increased the regimen to all military services and readjusted from active duty to shared support indigenous the services and also schools. As congressionally mandated by title 10 United claims Code, section 2031, every military service must have a JROTC regimen to "instill in student in united States second educational organizations the values of citizenship, company to the united States, and personal responsibility and also a feeling of accomplishment." JROTC’s mission, "To Motivate Young people to be much better Citizens", is the guide post for the program’s success.

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The U.S. Army’s JROTC program right now operates in more than 1,700 public and private high schools, military institutions, and also correctional centers throughout the united States and overseas. Approximately 40% of JROTC programs space in inner city schools, serving a student population of 50% minorities. Together JROTC students (Cadets) development through the program, they experience methods to lead other Cadets. A significant component the the JROTC leadership and citizenship program is female Cadets. Female Cadets comprise 40% of the Cadet population. The JROTC faculty is led by virtually 4,000 instructors who space retired from energetic duty, to make reservation duty, or national Guard army service. Instructors room trained and also qualified in accordance with the national Defense Authorization action 2007 to teach and mentor about 314,000 JROTC Cadets annually.

The JROTC Curriculum

Since 2005, the U.S. Army JROTC program has been accredited together a Special function Program by the nationwide accrediting company known as advanced ( JROTC curriculum offers equitable and an overwhelming academic content and also authentic discovering experiences for all Cadets. Every lessons are designed using a four component model come motivate the Cadet, enable the Cadet come learn brand-new information, exercise competency, and apply the competency come a real-life situation. Moreover, the four component model requires Cadets come collaborate, reflect, develop critical thinking skills, and also integrate contents with various other disciplines. JROTC curriculum includes lessons in leadership, health and also wellness, physics fitness, first-aid, geography, American background and government, communications, and emotional intelligence.

The curriculum is rigorous and also relevant to 21st century education. In fact, countless high schools approve core credits for few of the subjects taught in JROTC. Our curriculum meets the criter of usual Core State Standards and in numerous states that aligns v Career and Technical education and learning clusters. Cadets learn and also apply the curriculum using an innovation in the classroom.

Instructors use an innovation in the classroom as an instructional strategy to engage Cadets in your learning. Instances of instructors using an innovation can be observed at the schools as soon as they usage our discovering management tool, the Curriculum Manager (CM) which residences the instructors’ great plans, classroom administration strategies and also techniques, references, and also a myriad of other teacher aid aids. Our cooperation with turning Technologies allows Cadets to engage in JROTC lessons utilizing an interactive student an answer system (clickers) and also a mobile interaction whiteboard (MOBI). Cadets usage these technologies to complete summative and also formative assessments, present presentations, and play educational games to encourage learning. Exterior the classroom, Cadets can prolong their usage of technology. Once Instructors register their Cadets v the Conover company using Conover Online, Cadets room able to assess your emotional intelligence and also complete skill enhancement lessons using any mobile device. Cadets need to participate in co-curricular activities to reinforce what is learned in the classroom.

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JROTC Co-Curricular Activities

Cadets participate in a myriad the co-curricular tasks to demonstrate their attainment of class outcomes. Some of these tasks include precision and also exhibition armed forces drill competitions, waiting rifle competitions (optional), Raider an obstacle competitions, JROTC leadership and academic Bowl (JLAB), Science, Technology, Engineering, and also Mathematics (STEM) Camp, and also a physical fitness competition known as JROTC Cadet Leadership an obstacle (JCLC). Cadets who complete 4 year of JROTC co-curricular tasks and its complicated curriculum will be much more college and/or career ready.

College Opportunities

With assistance from an organization working separately of JROTC, the university Options foundation can assist Cadets situate colleges providing credits because that completing JROTC. Additionally, military ROTC (not JROTC) uses college scholarships to Cadets that qualify for their scholarship program. For more information, visit or

National Impact

Arguably, JROTC is among the most successful and significantly impactful youth-oriented programs in American history. As educators and also others measure up success, we have established five Quality indicators used to measure the effectiveness of the routine in high schools. These 5 Quality indications are attendance, graduation, indiscipline, drop-out rate, and GPA. JROTC over schools’ averages in every of this categories:

Quality IndicatorsCATEGORYSCHOOLJROTCAttendanceGraduationIndisciplineDropout
Continuous innovation

As an accredited Special objective Program, JROTC need to adhere to AdvancED’s standards of Quality. In 2015, JROTC applied the JROTC regime Accreditation (JPA) review program. The JPA offers a holistic testimonial of Cadets’ and also instructors’ power with emphasis on documenting constant improvement.