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American conventional is no strange surname to houses everywhere around the globe. The brand is conveniently one the the greatest kitchen and bath carriers this era has ever seen, and the high quality of their assets is something you wouldn’t problem yourself too much over.

No doubt, rubbish disposals are not one of the brand’s main lines that products, and also the ASD-1250 Torque understand is its just model. But the said model has been therefore impressive, it’s beginning to feel otherwise.

Regardless, the American typical ASD-1250 Torque grasp Garbage and also Food garbage Disposer is a high-quality unit that deserves the spotlight. In this review, us will check out the machine’s features, what space its strengths and also weaknesses, and hopefully help you discover a fitting purchase.

American typical Garbage disposal Review: The Torque grasp ASD-1250


strong 1.25-horsepower motorCompact casingAll stainless steel grind componentsMagnetic silver Guard take away metallic itemsEffective noise against measuresReasonably priced
silver- Guard is rather weakCan still be noisy to part ears

The ASD-1250 has actually been making rather an impression on owner lately, and it’s not at all a surprise considering its adhering to features:

High-Torque Motor

This American conventional in-sink food grinder dead a an effective 1.25-horsepower (HP) motor; the is fairly ample in the context of a residence kitchen. The most typical power ratings because that residential provides you’ll check out these days are ⅓, ½, ¾, and 1.

The tower spins at 2800 transformations per minute (RPM), i beg your pardon is fast and also helps lower the danger of jamming. Through the speed and the high-torque of its motor, the ASD-1250 is capable of reducing all kinds of food scraps, including pet bones, under to mulch with little effort.

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Stainless steel Chamber

The grind chamber is wherein the “wet” work goes down, therefore its constructing towel is of good importance. It is why the a big plus that this food waste disposer gets an assembly with parts all do of stainless steel, indigenous the turnplate come the grind ring.

Compared to the lower-tier galvanized steel, stainless stole is method stronger and more rust-resistant. It likewise requires minimum maintenance and also naturally inhibits bacter growth. To include the cherry on top, the firm also processes a “unique antimicrobial agent” right into the grind components to prevent organic advance and stop unpleasant odor.

Of course, these handy attributes come at a price. However if you encompass the sources that commonly go into continuous upkeep, it’s not really that costly at all.

Noise Countering

Garbage disposals are well known for the noise lock make. The Torque grasp ASD-1250, luckily, walk a great job at suppressing the sound level, especially for a garbage grinder the its price.

Unlike others that resort come insulating casings, American Standard concentrates on balancing. By doing so, the brand manages to minimize the vibration developed during a process. The an outcome is, owner have an ext than simply gratitude and high worship for the model. You have the right to see because that yourself exactly how quiet the is online; there room unboxing videos every over.

Magnetized Flange

Another clever information of the garbage disposal is the magnetized collar. The flange has actually a ring of magnets wrapped roughly it ~ above the underside the the sink. Foreign magnetic objects will certainly cling onto the sink drain, considerably decreasing the danger of unwanted insertion and prevent damages to the interiors that the machine.

Mind you the the magnetic force here is not very strong, and heavy objects may still autumn in. It’s a clever idea, nonetheless, and you can entirely DIY a magnetized flange yourself.

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