The recipients the the 39th yearly Kennedy facility Honors pose for a group photo complying with a dinner in ~ the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C., Saturday, December 3, 2016. Native left to right, ago row: Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Timothy B. Schmidt that the rock band The Eagles. Former row, left to right: Al Pacino, Mavis Staples, Martha Argerich, and James Taylor. GETTY IMAGES

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On December 27th, in ~ 9 p.m. PST CBC broadcasted the Kennedy center Honors 2016. Al Pacino, star in the manufacturing of "God Looked Away," in ~ the Pasadena Playhouse was honored. The event, which was organized byThe late Show"s own Stephen Colbert top top Dec. 4, paid tribute come 2016"s honorees, consisting of pianist Martha Argerich, absent legends The Eagles, actorAl Pacino, gospel and also blues singerMavis Staples, and also singer-songwriterJames Taylor.Below, uncover the full list of talent at this year"s Kennedy center Honors, and also tune in come CBS ~ above Tuesday, Dec. 27! (Courtesy of the CBS News).Host: Stephen ColbertAttended By: President Barack Obama and an initial Lady Michelle ObamaHonoree: James TaylorTribute Presenters/Performers:President wilhelm Jefferson Clinton (Spoken Tribute)Darius Rucker (Performs "Sweet infant James"/"Carolina in my Mind")Sheryl crow (Performs "Fire & Rain"/"Your smiling Face")Yo-Yo Ma (Spoken Tribute)Garth Brooks (Performs "Shower the People")James Taylor Tribute cast (Performs "How Sweet it Is")Honoree: Al PacinoTribute Presenters/Performers:Chris O"Donnell (Spoken Tribute and also Tango power from "Scent of a Woman" through Gabrielle Anwar)Bobby Cannavale (Spoken Tribute)Lily Rabe (Performance Tribute)Laurence Fishburne (Performance Tribute)Kevin Spacey (Spoken Tribute)Gabrielle Anwar (Tango power from "Scent of a Woman" with Chris O"Donnell)Sean pen (Spoken Tribute)Honoree: Mavis StaplesTribute Presenters/Performers:Bonnie Raitt (Spoken Tribute and Performance the "We Shall no Be Moved"/"Freedom Highway" v Andra Day)Elle King (Performs "Respect Yourself"/"I’ll take You There")Don Cheadle (Spoken Tribute)Andra work (Performs "We Shall no Be Moved"/"Freedom Highway" through Bonnie Raitt)Honoree: Martha ArgerichTribute Presenters/Performers:Jeff Goldblum (Spoken Tribute)Itzhak Perlman (Performs "Beethoven: Sonata because that Violin and Piano No. 8, in G, Op. 30, No. 3. Allegro Vivace (Third Movement)" v Yefim Bronfman)Yefim Bronfman (Performs "Beethoven: Sonata because that Violin and Piano No. 8, in G, Op. 30, No. 3. Allegro Vivace (Third Movement)" v Itzhak Perlman)Placido Domingo (Spoken Tribute)Yuja Wang (Performs "Piazzola cool Tango")John F. Kennedy Tribute Segment:Jack Schlossberg, rose Schlossberg and Tatiana Schlossberg Grandchildren of john F. Kennedy (Spoken Tribute)Cynthia Erivo (Performs "The impossible Dream" native the Broadway musical "Man the La Mancha")Honoree: The EaglesTribute Presenters/Performers:Ringo Starr (Spoken Tribute)Kings of Leon (Performs "Take the Easy")Vince Gill (Performs "Peaceful straightforward Feeling")Bob Seger (Performs "Heartache Tonight")Juanes (Performs "Hotel California" through Steve Vai and Steuart Smith)Steve Vai (Performs "Hotel California" through Juanes and Steuart Smith)Steuart blacksmith (Performs "Hotel California" v Juanes and Steve Vai)Eagles Tribute cast (Performs "Life in the quick Lane")Produced By: White Cherry Entertainment.


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