300 Jay Street is a Property situated in the Downtown Brooklyn community in Brooklyn, NY. 300 Jay Street was built in 1920 and has 11 stories and also 1 unit.

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Building Facts

Facts 11 stories2 buildingsBuilt in 1920
Building Class W5 City college (W5)
Documents and Permits 24 documents and permits
No vault listings or taped sales because that this property.


A C F R in ~ Jay St - MetroTech

0.15 miles

R 2 3 4 5 at Borough hall

0.17 miles

A C at High St

0.25 miles

R 2 3 4 5 in ~ Court St

0.26 miles

2 3 at Clark St

0.31 miles

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New York City university of an innovation (CUNY)

0.01 miles

New York college Polytechnic institution of Engineering

0.11 miles

Brooklyn regulation School

0.27 miles

St. Francis College

0.28 miles

ASA College

0.3 miles


Columbus Park

0.09 miles

Korean battle Veterans Plaza

0.14 miles

Cadman Plaza Park

0.15 miles

Walt Whitman Park

0.2 miles


0.2 miles


Brooklyn historic Society

0.24 miles

New York Transit Museum

0.37 miles

Museum of modern African Diasporan arts (MoCADA)

1.0 miles

South Street Seaport Museum

1.13 miles

New York City Police Museum

1.2 miles



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