This page gives details top top Brooklyn College, located at 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, joined States.

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Place Name Brooklyn university
Average Rating 4 (124 ratings)
Place Address 2900 Bedford AveBrooklynNY 11210United says
Vicinity 2900 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
Phone Number (718) 951-5000
International Phone +1 718-951-5000
Place Type point_of_interest, facility

Location Information

Full Address 2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210, United says
Street Number 2900
Route Bedford path (Bedford Ave)
Sublocality Level 1 Brooklyn
Administrative Area Level 1 new York (NY)
Country United states (US)
Postal Code 11210
Type point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 40.6309949
Longitude 40.6309949
Geo Location (40.6309949, -73.9544124)


★★★★★ Cristina Valentin

had an exceptional experience here. So great I" made decision to come back and get an additional degree. The campus will carry you the end of Brooklyn to another world. If you room an independent learner, this is for you. This institution will not hold your hand, but every professor I" talked to has treated me with sincerity and care because that my success. If you in search of high school part two, this isn" for you.


★☆☆☆☆ thomas Starowicz

What a disgrace to education and also what a college must be.Every job is a poor experience in ~ Brooklyn college. You have actually a grasp of teachers who care around what lock do and are an excellent at what castle do. Most of them execute not care around you or what they are doing. You will obtain lousy, boring and irresponsible teachers. I have had teachers that space extremely poor with English and also have hefty accents, teachers that are constantly late, teachers that let you leave after 10min of class. Most teachers don" it seems ~ to it is in qualified come teach right here either. Together someone said, this is a glorified community college. Bad man" Harvard? hoax of the century.In basic it feels exceptionally uncomfortable to it is in here. Every one of the students are in your own small world, it" no a friendly environment, the staff are mindless zombies, and also if girlfriend need help you will certainly not get it. Anything concerning advisement or official company is slow-moving and completely uncaring. The college feels overcrowded at peak hours. The structures are in require of major overhauls, gift in extremely negative condition with styling native the early 1900s. Squirrel infestations are a enormous problem. The area approximately the college is dreadful horrible horrible. It" no something you desire to experience.My college experience was ruined when I transferred here, I was in a instance at one upstate SUNY school where that was turbulent for me to re socialize and also adjust, yet the basic quality of teaching and teachers carry out not even compare come Brooklyn College. I pertained to Brooklyn college hoping because that a way of living that ns am offered to, while obtaining a top quality education. Well, that was a vast mistake. Qualities went down, struggling very much. Walk on probation and also still didn" have actually enough aid or high quality teaching to job-related my method back up. So currently I am done through this place, and I am incredibly happy for that.To conclude; simply avoid this school, and also definitely don" transport here.Note come drivers: Don" come right here or absolutely don" drive here. Good luck through parking, it will take you upwards of one hour at times. Parking isn" the just problem, you have a fixed of other college students 80% or more of which can" drive for their life and also an influx of dare causing huge traffic.


★★★★☆ Gaby Akcelik

It" a difficult school and also anything paperwork related entailing multiple departments is rather the journey. Yet I wouldn" profession this ar for the world. Learned for this reason much, and have had actually amazing avenues that ns wouldn" have gotten if the weren" because that the RISE routine at the school. The employee is lovely and also helpful (well relying on where friend go). I" an extremely happy to be attending.


★☆☆☆☆ EsteeSo

I visited Brooklyn College back in 2013. I loved the campus and the student that gave the tour was really nice and also helpful. Ns was interested in majoring in psychology and heard the professors and classes in that ar were great. So ns thought, " have to come here." roughly November, i applied.Around March, ns received an e-mail claiming ns was rejected. In ~ first, i was quite shocked because I to be an respect student back in high school. Ns did complete my senior year in ~ an virtual high school so ns was fear it might have other to carry out with that. I checked out the school and also spoke v a counselor. She was yes, really friendly and helpful, stating that my GPA and also SAT scores were an excellent and the my acceptance should be no problem. She presume it was a technical error and promised to aid me.I was in call with her for months, offering her any kind of information she needed and stayed updated. I also got a call from the director it s her who said I had actually a an excellent transcript and also that there must be no problem.Around summertime, I got a speak to from the director. She claimed that I" rejected since my diploma the was got from an online high institution was no longer embraced in the state. I described that ns attended three years of continual high institution but since of worries in my senior year, I had to leave. I acquired the continuing to be credits native an online institution that to be accredited. (Graduates from that online school have moved on come colleges and universities). But... No.After all these months, they determined to phone call me the all the schools in the state would not expropriate me because of mine diploma. My only question was, why did they need to tell me this NOW? of course, i was incredibly angry thinking they" irresponsible and also horrible for doing this come me. Yet deep down, i was like, " was too an excellent to it is in true." throughout my life, ns was never ever confident or optimistic in what ns do. I thought this time, it would be different however it to be the same.But i didn" desire to offer up yet. Ns contacted and asked them my options. The counselor said I can take the HSE exam, i m sorry have changed from the GED come the TASC. I invested months going through the process of applying for the test, taking the test, and waiting because that the results. By the time I gained my outcomes claiming that i passed, it was January 2014. I automatically reapplied and also waited.Around March, while other schools currently accepted me, I obtained no notice from Brooklyn College, not also one stating i was rejected. I contacted the school and also asked. A counselor called me that my qualities were as well low. I was so confused. I explained that i passed the TASC Test and also that my grades shouldn" be involved and even if lock were, the director herself claimed they were great! They said they" get earlier to me however they never ever did. So, I offered up.What I" angry about is the the college KNOWS i went to online school. Not only did they no tell me that it was no much longer accepted, they provided me false expect making me think I would definitely have the ability to attend. After months of hoping and waiting, every I acquire was a phone speak to telling me that no college would accept me because of my diploma. It to be such a shock, i couldn" react. Ns was always insecure and pessimistic about myself. Because that the one time as soon as I actually believed something would work-related out, it didn" Also after this slump, I chose to get earlier up and also work because that it. Ns took the test, passed it, and still, nothing. I recognize to the school, I" just one that the numerous students the were rejected. But this incident has actually seriously traumatized me and also I don" also know exactly how much ns cried.I am about to attend a ar college and I want to move to a 4-year college afterwards. Also though i really desire to to visit Brooklyn College, i am yes, really afraid I" have to go v the same thing again... So ns most most likely won"


★★★★☆ Alan Li

Classes are cheap but quality varies relying on the professor, finest to do your research before registering because that a class.The campus is beautiful with plenty of trees and also plants around. The campus has actually been provided as backdrops because that shows favor " Following" and also " Robot."

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