Tech Support800-642-7676
Store Sales877-696-7786
Calling HoursMon-Fri: 9am-5pm PSTWait Time: 1-3 minutes

Quickest means to Speak come a Live Rep at Microsoft

Because Microsoft is together a huge company with so numerous departments, the BEST and also QUICKEST to monitor the prompts and to specify come the automatic assistant what you space calling about. This way your contact can be easily directed come the proper department.

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Here is how:

1. Dial the Microsoft Customer organization Phone Number: 800-642-7676

2. The automated assistant will certainly ask you to state what you room calling about, say “Customer Service”.

2. Climate it will ask whether you space calling about “Home” or “Business”, state i m sorry one you space calling about.

3. Climate it will certainly ask come specify your issue, such together “Billing”, “Technical Support”, “Account Information”. Clues what you room calling about and you will be transferred to an suitable representative.

However, if instead you store repeating “Customer Service” (this an approach works great with most other companies), the system proceeds to block friend by questioning what you are calling about. Eventually, if girlfriend persist, lock will transport you come a live rep, however he will additionally ask you what you are calling about and will certainly most most likely need come redirect you.

Need A various Microsoft support Phone Number?

If you room calling about something other than tech issues, shot one the the adhering to numbers:

Microsoft keep Sales and also Customer Support: 877-696-7786

Microsoft straight for enterprise and large Orders: 888-891-3084

Microsoft commodities bought elsewhere and online prize Desk: 800-642-7676

Microsoft Office and also Windows accessibility Questions: 800-936-5900.

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Experts room also easily accessible to chat digital 24/7 at:

About Microsoft

Microsoft is an American multinational modern technology corporation, the develops, manufactures, sells, and also licenses a wide range of software solutions, consumer electronics, also as an individual computers and services. The firm is ideal known because that its operating device Windows, Microsoft Office Suite and also Internet Explorer. Microsoft is just one of the world’s largest software makers and also one that the world’s most beneficial companies.

Microsoft Products and also Services

Most famous Products: Windows, Office, Skype, visual Studio, Dynamics, Azure, Xbox, Surface, Mobile