Dhadrianwale to Resume Parchar Divans




PATIALA, Punjab—Many Sikh Parcharaks and Ragi Singh’s have visited Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib yesterday. They had come to show their full support for the Gurmat Parchar and to request Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale that the Diwaans should continue as before.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa, in their presence, has said that the currently on-hold Gurmat Samagams would restart shortly.

Ragi Singh’s from International Kirtan Council, Shabad Guru Parcharak Sanstha, Gurmat Ragi Sabha Ludhiana, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Mission Chandigarh and Gurmat Ragi Sabha Patiala had come to give assurance of their unconditional support for the continuation of Gurmat Parchar.

Photos attached. Those who came and the full details are as below.

01. Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Sri Nagar Wale |
02. Bhai Gurcharan Singh Ji Rasia
03. Bhai Joginder Singh Reyar
04. Bhai Ajeet Singh Pathankot
05. Bhai Iqbal Singh Ludhiana
06. Bhai Malkeet Singh Ludhiana
07. Bhai Manjeet Singh Bombay Wale
08. Bhai Baldev Singh Bulandpuri
09. Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Patna Sahib
10. Bhai Satwinder Singh Sarang
11. Bhai Arwinder Singh Noor
12. Bhai Balwinder Singh Machiwara
13. Bhai Gurpal Singh Ludhiana
14. Bhai Harbhajan Singh Butala
15. Bhai Mohinderjeet Singh Ludhiana
16. Bhai Jaswant Singh Amritsar Wale
17. Bhai Inderjeet Singh Sagar
18. Bhai Satnam Singh Sagar (Haryana)
19. Bhai Sahib Singh Ji
20. Bhai Maninder Singh Ji

21. Bhai Balinder Singh Ludhiana (Katha Vachak)
22. Bhai Sarbjeet Singh Ludhiana (Katha Vachak)
23. Bhai Baldev Singh Paunta Sahib (Katha Vachak)
24. Bhai Manmohan Singh Ludhiana
25. Bhai Jasveer Singh Jamaanpuri
26. Bhai Jaswinder Singh Chandigarh (Katha Vachak)
27. Principal Bhai Ravi Singh Chandigarh
28. G.Inderjeet Singh Chandigarh
29. G.Gurjinder Singh Chandigarh
30. G.Prem Singh Chandigarh
31. Bhai Jagtar Singh Laali (Butala)
32. Bhai Gurmeet Singh
33. Bhai Manjeet Singh (Ramdas Wale)
34. Bhai Surjeet Singh Kuliwaal
35. Bhai Reval Singh
36. Bhai Baldev Singh Patiala
37. Bhai Jagmohan Singh Patiala
38. Bhai Joginder Singh Patiala
39. Bhai Harjinder Singh Shant Patiala
40. Bhai Mohinder Singh Patiala
41. Bhai Raghbir Singh Patiala
42. Bhai Yadwinder Singh Patiala
43. Bhai Gurmel Singh Patiala
44. Bhai Amarjeet Singh Patiala
45. Bhai Surinderpal Singh
46. Bhai Jaswant Singh Bhatia
47. Bhai Beant Singh Kalera Wale
48. Bhai Gursharan Singh
49. Bhai Mehtab Singh
50. Bhai Gurmel Singh
51. Baba Bhupinder Singh Dhakki Sahib