VIDEO: Sikhi Changed This Hindu Girls Life – See Why

Heart warming and inspirational. Mehak Khullar, who belonged to a khattri family now wants to be known as Mehak Kaur. Her father passed away in July 2011, after already losing her grandfather who was a military captain, the household costs all fell on her grandmother who was solely reliant on the pension the family received.

Mehak was first inspired to follow the path of Sikhi when Jaswinder Singh Khalsa, Chairman of the Guru Nanak Multiversity, Ludhiana, came to her school and spoke about how his life changed once he had began reading Sehaj Paath from Guru Granth Sahib pothis.

Listening to this a desire evoke in Mehak to do the same, and once she started she found her worldly burden being shared by Guru Sahib and as if finally she had someone to console in and give her encouragement and confidence. She joined the Multiversity and was adopted by Bhai Jaswinder Singh, and now visits the gurudwara regularly, classifies herself as a Sikh and has been reading Gurbani ever since.