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Taking ahead Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao’ programme, a woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi town is setting an example to balance the skewed sex ratios.
Gynaecologist Dr Shipra Dhar Srivastava charges no fee for delivering girl child. In the past one and a half years, she has delivered as many as 100 girls without taking any fees.
How the initiative started
Working in Kashi Medicare Hospital, Dr Srivastava said she was often dismayed to see the desolate look on the faces of the couple and their relatives after the birth of a girl.
Dr Srivasatva with a new born


“Many families used to get upset after hearing that a girl child is born. It was as if they have lost something precious. They then blamed the doctors and mother for a girl’s birth. The regret was more if they had to pay more for a caesarian delivery,” Dr Srivastava remarks.
Dr Srivastava particularly remembers hearing the statement ‘pet bhi cheer diya phir bhi ladki paida ki’ (even after slitting the stomach, a girl child is delivered).
Disturbed over prevailing gender bias, she started the campaign ‘Beti Nahi Hai Bojh, Badlenge Hum Soch’ on July 24, 2014. “Under this campaign, we do not charge fee from mothers delivering girl children in the hospital, whether it is a normal delivery or through caesarian,” she added.
Interestingly, the initiative was started after Dr Srivastava got support from her husband. Dr Srivastava adds that her husband, Manoj Kumar Srivastava who is also a doctor, came up with the suggestion.
Dr Srivasatva with her husband who supported her in the initiative


“My husband came with the unique idea to waiver off delivery charges whenever a girl child was born. There was a time when we delivered more girls than boys and I was doubtful about continuing the campaign. At that time my husband collaborated and encouraged me to continue the campaign,” she said.
‘The campaign has now turned into a mission’
Under the initiative, Dr Srivasatva delivered 100th girl child on February 23 this year. She says that she can sense a mindset evolution.
Under the initiative, Dr Srivasatva delivered 100th girl child on February 23 this year


“Changes in the mindset of people can be noticed now when a girl child is now born, as they don’t need to pay any cost of the delivery they feel happy.” After their birth, Dr. Shipra encourages the families to educate these girl child.
“Now this campaign has turned into a mission and this will successfully run the way it is. To encourage the families, we are soon going to organise an event in respect of them. In this event we will open the accounts of all 100 daughters under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojna and I will pay the first instalment.”
Source :- DNA