**DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH** Become Vocal | Become Guardians |Dhadrianwale

Fatehgarh Sahib Shaheedi Samagam – 27/12/14 – Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale talk about how to become guardians of the Khalsa Panth by at least becoming vocally active and fulfilling ones moral duty as a Sikh of the Guru. Whether or not we can do anything else, we should at least make noise against any such person or party who plays a part in creating divisions, anyone influencing the Sikh youth into cutting their hair, turning them into dancers, druggies and alcoholics. Whether it be any singer, any ‘Pakhandi’, any ‘Dera’, or anyone else who challenges the foundations and principles of the Khalsa Panth, if we are truly the guardians of the Guru’s house, then we must also fulfil our obligations to speak up against such people accordingly, no matter what the consequences.