Discussing Historic Gadhar Movement (Gadhar Lehar) :Qaumi Masle Ep. 10

Title:- Qaumi Masle Episode 10
Sub-Title:- Discussing Historic Gadhar Movement (Gadhar Lehar)
Category:- Talkshow
Presenter: Gurpartap Singh
Participants:- S. Sukhdev Singh (Senior Journalist) and Rajwinder Singh Rahi (Scholar & Author)
Production:- Sikh Siyasat Multimedia
Release Date:- October 06, 2012
Gadhar Movement was first armed historic movement of 20th Century that was related to Sikhs, Punjab and Independence of India. The movement upsurged from Gurudwaras in USA and Canada. Thousands of Sikh migrants from these countries returned to India with the idea of building revolt against colonial rule in the country.
Their inspiration for freedom was the Sikh ideology and Sikh history. The movement had Sikh Gurudwaras as it’s ideological and operational centers.
But historians have distorted the whole dynamics of the movement, and it was interpreted from the perspective of Indian State and Hindu dominated Indian Nationalism. Left sections have propagated that the Gadhris (those who floated and participated in the Gadhar Movement) were atheists and were inspired from Marxism and Russian revolution. Where as the primary sources related Gadhar movement, comprising writings of various Gadhris, rebut these false notions.
In this talkshow, Senior Journalists S. Sukhdev Singh (who had personally met many surviving Gadhris) and S. Rajinder Singh Rahi (who has conducted thorough research on Gadhar Movement and edited three volumes of primary sources/writings related to Gadhar movement) discussed the real dynamics of the Gadhar movement.
Sikh Siyasat shall be conducting more talkshows on this issue to discuss the topic in requisite details.