VIDEO: Chinese Sunder Singh Khalsa – Energy Jewellery

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United States: Incredible video where you get to see Sunder Singh Khalsa, a fully baptized Sikh with a turban and beard who comes from Chinese ethnicity.

Sunder Singh is a business entrepreneur and can be seen in the video in his jewellery store speaking to the Punjab TV reporter.

The reporter clearly displays his enthusiasm and excitement confirming it’s the first time he has seen a Sikh from China, but what’s even more unique about Sunder Singh is that he is over 6 ft 2 inches tall.

Sunder Singh confirms he became a Sikh after being a student of Harbhajan Singh Yogi, and learning the ways of the infinite Akaal. He confirms that in present day China, there are thousands of devotees who may not call themselves Sikhs by title but follow the Shabad Guru and meditate using the Guru Mantar.

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