RARE VIDEO: Gurpurab 1943 Muktsar – You Spot The Beadbi!?

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This video has been discovered recently and appears to be a film made by the British, including english voice over describing the celebrations taking place for Sri Guru Gobind Sahib Ji’s Gurpurab.

The scene is Sri Muktsar Sahib where the chaali mukte gave their lives to win back the love of Guru Gobind Singh Ji after previously opting to leave the Sikh Army.

District Commander General Hickman is seen in the video attending the commemoration function accompanied by Captain Hira Singh a Sikh war veteran who fought for the British.

Throughout the video you can see thousands of Sikhs arriving, taking ishnaan in the holy sarovar and then proceeding to matha tekh.

However, one thing which is quite unnerving and disrespectful is that the british generals walk past Maharaj’s saroop on stage without showing any respect and even appear to be wearing shoes!


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