Shocking video footage from Nagar Kirtan

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Here we got the shocking video footage in which we can see some so called sikhs are dancing. It seems video footage is from Nagar Kirtan . People are dancing on “Jini naam dhiyaya gaye maskat ghaal ll”. If the video is captured from Nagar Kirtan, Its huge desecration of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

Jini naam dhiyaya gaye maskat ghaal ll
Nanak te mukh ujle keti chutti nal ll1ll

Hey nanak! jina manukha ne akaalpurakh da naam simreya hai,oh apni mehnat safli kar gaye han,akaalpurakh de darr te oh ujal mukh wale han ate hor v kayi jeev ohna di sangat vich reh ke “kudh di paal” taah ke maya de bandna toh azaad ho gaye hanl1

Accordimg to Sikh rehat Mareyada
Putting on floral or gilded face ornamentation, decorative headgear or red thread band round the wrist, worshipping of ancestors, dipping feet in rffiik mixed with water, cutting a berry or jandi (Prosopis spieigera) bushes, filling pitcher, ceremony of retirement in feigned displeasure, reciting couplets, performing havans (Sacrificial fire), installing vedi (a wooden canopy or pavilion under which Hindu marriages are performed), prostitutes’ dances, drinking liquor, in the presensce of Guru Granth Sahib JI are all sacrileges.
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