How To Do Simran – This WILL Change Your Life

PATIALA: This video recording is from Parmeshar Dwar in Patiala, Punjab. Many people know that the core to elevating yourself spiritually and getting close to our Guru is to do Simran.

Many know that to do simran one must repeat the Lord’s name as given to us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and passed through by all Sikh Gurus.

However, when the question comes to how one should repeat Waheguru as there are many different techniques and theories, this is where one becomes undone.

Here we have an excellent method of repeating naam which is very simple and easy to understand, the hard part in this age of darkness is to actually begin doing this and keeping it up consistently.

If you are able to do this daily even for 5-10 minutes your life WILL change for the better.