Shiv Sena Attack Amritdhari Sikh

The national president of Hindu Shiv Sena, Abhishek Batta died after he was crushed to death by a truck during a road accident on the Nawanshahr-Chandigarh highway, close to a petrol station in Mahalo village, at around 4am on Friday.

Activists of the Hindu Shiv Sena then blocked the highway and began attacking local Sikhs as they claimed that the accident was a murder, by pro-Khalistan outfits as the victim had been receiving threats from them. Meanwhile, the Police said it was simply a road accident case, as such a case of culpable homicidehas been registered against truck driver Gursatnam Singh.

Jaswinder Singh, who was traveling to Sri Darbar Sahib was attacked, with his turban pulled off as the the Hindu Shiv Sena members allegedly spotted him making a video of them. The Police however did not register any case against them, claiming that no complaint was made. The radical Hindus also got into a scuffle with a 2 other men.

Video:5aab Today