VIDEO: WOW! Hear What A Japanese Woman Says About Sikh Gurus

In this heart warming video clip, a Japanese lady who found Sikhi and took amrit, discusses how Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and Gursikh Sangat has given her something special which allows her to stand in the face of adversity and never feel alone.

She says that because she has become different to all her friends and family, she no longer really has any friends but she still feels chardikala because of the gifts she has received from Guru Nanak Dev Ji and from Gurbani Shabad.

Her final message is that she wishes she had found the path of Sikhi earlier in her life, but she can promise you all that Guru Nanak Dev Ji delivers, whatever demand you have, Guru Sahib and Sikhi can deliver and fill any void.