Amritdhari Sikh Changes Code In Houston

Navdeep Singh Nijjar moved to Houston, USA when he was 14 years of age, leaving behind in Punjab his friends, family and a community of people who in majority looked the same as him.

At that point in time Navdeep had no idea of what he would do for a living and which profession would allow him to provide for his family, until one day when he was involved in a car accident.

This was the first time Navdeep had an encounter with an officer of the law, who he admits was surprisingly very pleasant and helpful. It was this officers treatment of Navdeep and his family that convinced the young Sikh to be a Police Officer when he grows older.


Navdeep chased this dream in the coming years, but had a doubt over being selected as he had been baptized in Sikhi and wore all 5 articles of faith, which meant he would always wear his kirpan and never cut his kes. He made a request during his application that was granted by then Sheriff Adrian Garcia to wear his 5 articles of faith, despite the strict facial grooming policy Houston’s finest usually deployed.

Thanks to this change in policy, Navdeep has been followed by 2 more Sikh Amritdhari officers in Houston, and he himself attends schools to talk to 100s of kids in Q and A’s about Houston Police and his image as a Sikh.