SHOCKING Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera

Your jaw will drop as you watch this video. It all starts with a nice helicopter flying in the air. The pilot tries to land the helicopter. However, while on the process of doing so, the blades caught one of the cables. The cable then rips the rotary blades. Then the next thing you’ll see is the helicopter crashing down. Thankfully, the pilot walks away with no serious injuries.

After watching this video and seeing the pilot walking away unharmed, I fully realize the importance of life insurance. It’s all well and good if something like this happens all the time. But the truth is, this guy got lucky. He could have easily lost his life in the crash. But, what if he has a family to support and he tragically dies in the accident? Who will support his family? Even if his wife is working, I think the loss of a husband would be a burden not only in terms of emotionally, but also financially.
Video: Murray Job