VIDEO: See What Simon The Aussie Says About Sikhs

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This video was uploaded by Harman of Radio Australia, where he films a local Australian called Simon, quizzing him on what he knows about Sikhs and how he feels about immigration.

Astonishingly, Simon actually knows straight away that a Sikh should keep their hair uncut so immediately asks Harman why he hasn’t got his hair if he is Sikh. Harman explains that his parents keep their Kes, and he is now on a path to re-connect with his Sikhi and will hope to grow his hair again.

Simon states he happily accepts the beliefs and behaviours of Sikhs in Australia and prefers Sikh values over the values of some other ethnic minorities.

Before the end Simon even states he is considering becoming a Sikh himself, simply because of how much he has enjoyed learning about Sikhs and their values.
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