AMAZING VIDEO: Watch What Happens To This Baby With Kirtan

This has to be one of the most amazing and heart warming videos on the internet.

You usually hear of adults speak of the soothing and relaxing feeling they get after participating in Simran or listening to Gurbani Kirtan, usually we get this feeling because we can understand some of the shabad which puts our mind at ease, or at very least we feel relaxed listening to Simran and the Guru’s shabad.

However, you may notice that children in the Gurudwara Sahib, still run around and are very loud as they don’t understand what’s going on and that they should sit silently and listen because they are simply to young to comprehend.

Well watching this video you will be amazed that a small baby who is crying, suddenly stops and doesn’t make a sound when Simran starts to play. To test this again, the mother stops the Simran, and the baby begins to cry again, when the Simran resumes, the baby goes quiet again and appears in peace.

Feel free to share this to spread the peace that only the Guru’s shabad can bring you.