Real-life Deadliest Catch: Watch the terrifying moment ship stranded in storm gets battered by 100ft wave

UK Storms_ Watch 100-Foot Waves Hit a Stranded… by Indianews247STOMACH-CHURNING footage captures the terrifying moment a ship battled 100ft waves during a massive sea storm.
The video was filmed on board a boat that was stranded in the North Sea – around 100 miles from land – during Storm Gertrude last month.
The clip shows massive walls of water crashing repeatedly against the vessel, sending it rocking dramatically from side to side.

The entire deck gets a soaking during the intense squall and the ship can even be heard creaking as it sways.
A shot filmed inside the ship reveals how the waves throw the vessel around, engulfing it in water.
The clip ends with a final shot of the choppy sea – with no sign of the storm calming.
video: India