Pinky Cat on Kanwar Sandhu Rajoana Incident

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Police registers case against 6 jail officials in the Patiala Central Jail Incident. Gurmeet Singh Pinky fears arrest after incident, says will do more revelations if arrested.

Apprehending his arrest in the Patiala jail case, dismissed Punjab police cop Pinky has accused that the state government and former DGP, Punjab, were after him and want to put him behind bars after framing in a false case.

He said that six police personnel have been booked by the police department for tempering the documents in the Kanwar Sandhu assault case. He also disclosed the Rajoana attacked Sandhu in the jail premises.

While sharing the contents of the first information report, a senior police officer said the inquiry report by jail officials said the accused had tried to tamper with the entries in the official entry register. He said they had arranged the meeting of the journalist with Rajoana without putting the entry on record. He said that later they put the entry on the register showing the same time to make the visit official and there was visible tampering with the entries on the register.
The officer said the case was registered on Thursday night and the accused were yet to be arrested. The case has been registered on the recommendation of the prisons department after conducting a detailed inquiry. The unauthorised meeting was captured on the CCTV cameras installed on the jail premises

Pinky cat by punjabspectrum

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