Punjab Health Minister’s U-TURN on ‘Sharab Nasha Nahi’

Two days after stating that he did not consider liquor an “intoxicant”, Punjab health minister Surjit Kumar Jyani in a U-turn on Wednesday said that alcohol was the “root cause of all ills” and favoured a countrywide prohibition and the closure of all distilleries.

After facing flak from various quarters over his bizzare remark that “I don’t think ‘sharab’ (liquor) is an intoxicant,” the senior BJP leader, sought to clarify the context in which he had made the statement.

Asked if he favours prohibition, the Minister addressing a press conference said, “There should be a ban. There should be a countrywide ban on alcohol. Today, I am saying in the media that ban alcohol and all distilleries should also be shut down.”

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