Word Of The Day: Sultan, Emperor, King

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Meaning: noun: Sultan, emperor, king.
gur bin kin samjhaa-ee-ai   man raajaa sultaan.
The mind is like the king, the emperor; who can preach to it without the Guru?
– Guru Nanak Sahib, Guru Granth Sahib, Page 61
Message: The mind wanders around assuming itself to be a king or a ruler who is in charge of its subjects. It considers itself to be superior. It is arrogant and sees no need to pay heed to anyone. It does not realize it is totally deluded.

In truth, power is only in the hands of the Creator. To remove its delusion, the mind needs the Guru’s guidance. Only the wisdom from the Guru’s Shabad can tame the mind and lead it to the realization of itself and its relationship with the Creator.

Once the essence of reality is known, the mind applies itself to the service of the Divine. Egotism and selfishness are eliminated and it is attuned to divine Truth.

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